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Seasonal Wedding Flowers Bucket

DIY Flower bucket
pinks seasonal bucket

Our seasonal wedding flower buckets are brimming with colour, texture and scent


Our wedding flower buckets are the perfect choice for those wanting to get creative and fill their wedding with beautiful seasonal blooms. Because weddings are such an important event, we only select the very best flowers in the field.  

Each bucket contains 40-45 flower stems and 10-15 foliage stems.  All flowers are cut to your colour choices.  We grow a wide variety of garden flowers that changes throughout the year.  Unfortunately we can't accommodate requests for specific flower varieties but we will always cut what looks best on the day.  

As a guide, one bucket will create 5 jam jar posies, 7-10 bud vases or several centrepieces. If creating your own bouquets, we recommend one bucket per bridal bouquet. 

Flowers must be collected from the farm into your own clean, water tight buckets.   We recommend collection 1-2 days before the wedding to allow the flowers time to rest in a cool place before working with them the day before the wedding.


Collection Only.

(We can occasionally offer local delivery depending on order size, date and location.  Please contact us to discuss.)

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